Ascanio Celestini & David Murgia

2 - 6 May 2017 / Grande salle






One actor, alone on stage for 1 hour 20 minutes. He is magnificent. Alone and arrogant, cynical and impertinent, zany and depraved... A mouthpiece who appears to have the whole nation at his feet. And supporting David Murgia as he spews forth his amazingly dense and relentless stream of invective, is the discreet yet extremely subtle presence of a walk-on guitarist, who adds an extra touch of whimsy. Ascanio Celestini’s script is once again brilliant, funny and caustic. As always, this worthy heir to Dario Fo delights in sowing the seeds of confusion. His words slide hither and thither, drawing us into an utterly ruthless (but totally truthful), perceptive and cruel analysis of the modern world.

Amid a torrent of double-edged statements, indirect accusations and ferocious slogans, the viewer is drawn into a story told by many voices: a story that extends from class struggle to bread-making, from high finance to immigration, from an implausible story about umbrellas to the fate of prostitutes from the East.

David Murgia’s verve and cynicism force us to look “the powers that be” right in the eye. And, in an uproarious climax, he highlights the vices and flaws of our current system. And then he leaves us there, in front of the stage, with forced smiles on our faces, and with our doubts and, perhaps even a yearning for a silent revolution.

The return of the critically acclaimed and multi-award winning Discours à la nation (Critics’ Choice Award 2013, Audience Award at the OFF Festival in Avignon) offers another opportunity to see a wonderful show (again).

“A humorous tour de force by the amazing Murgia. Discours à la nation is a real gem…Our general situation is dire, so what better way to reflect on it than to laugh at it? Ascanio Celestini chooses to adopt a partisan, acerbic, humorous and salutary stance in Discours à la nation... Don’t miss it...” La Libre Belgique

“Sensational! Hilarious! Wild! Three of the adjectives on the lips of those who’ve just watched Discours à la nation...” Le Soir

Discours à la nation is a masterpiece of anti-capitalist humour... brilliantly performed by David Murgia...” RTBF.be

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The 19 May 2016

saison 16-17