Written by David Van Reybrouck / Directed by Raven Ruëll (1h50)

5 and 8 October 2013 | Théâtre National/Grande salle (in French)

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TOERNEE GENERAL (5 et 8.10.12 - Théâtre National/Grande salle)
"If theatre is primarily a text, an actor and an audience, then Missie is great theatre ... There is only one actor, but what an actor: impressively true to life ... Nothing less than a conference, but what a conference! This is a gripping story "
La Libre Belgique, December 2007

With nothing in his hands, nothing in his pockets, Bruno Vanden Broecke takes on the guise of an elderly but still lively missionary who contemplates his life.  He speaks of the Eucharist, and of God, but also about being stuck in the mud, wars, suppurating wounds and gun barrels held to your head. "And then, choosing again, re-confirming your choice, just like when you take a plane, you have to confirm your ticket."

David Van Reybrouck wrote this poignant monologue, inspired by dozens of discussions with missionaries in the Congo. Not a dead letter but a real history of man.

"The audience was on its feet for a long time, applauding the superb monologue by David Van Reybrouck masterfully performed by Bruno Vanden Broecke." Le Soir, December 2007

"A stunning performance, hard and moving." De Morgen, December 2007

"Bruno Vanden Broecke gives us an absolutely overwhelming performance. Bravo." De Standaard


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